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    IFCC International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.
    Today like never before, we must be ready to serve our God at any time, anywhere and under any situation. The Bible tells us FIRST OF ALL to seek the Kingdom of God and the righteousness of it, and all these things will be added to you. It’s fair?…

    OVER 40 YEARS of ministerial experience.
    The IFCC (International Federation of Christian Chaplains) was founded 16 years ago, however Dr. Vargas has done chaplain ministry for over 3 decades.

    You will learn theoric and practical skills that will help you be a SUCCESSFUL CHRISTIAN CHAPLAIN

    With our course you will learn about:

    • General Chaplaincy
    • Chaplaincy to the Sick
    • Hospital Chaplaincy
    • More on Chaplaincy to those who are sick
    • Chaplaincy in Prisons
    • Chaplaincy to Mourners
    • The Character of a Chaplain
    • Code of Ethics