Chaplain Federation

Become a Chaplain in 3 Months

M i n i s t e r i a l S o l u t i o n s

-Become a Certified Christian Chaplain!
-If you have been a Christian Pastor, Minister or Christian Leader for more than 3 years, and have the passion and experience of service work- you may be "Approved in just 3 months"
-Fill out an application we will send you our 100 page course.

--Today more than ever Christian Pastors, Ministers and Leaders are needed at hospitals, jails, orphanages, elderly homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. to pray and comfort those in need.
--If you are a Christian Pastor, Minister, Deacon, Elder, Leader, etc. with over 3 years of experience in visiting the most needed, you are welcome to apply; your Christian Chaplain Credentials may be in your possession soon (If you meet the minimum requirements and STUDY OUR COURSE) Please REMEMBER this is for Christian Pastors, Ministers and Leaders with 3 or more years of experience ONLY!!!.
--Dr. Mynor Vargas, Senior Pastor of Shalom Christian Temple developed and founded the "International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.", with the sole purpose of training and providing the appropriate Credentials to “Qualified and Experienced” Ministers around the World.
--At the present time Dr. Vargas' Media Ministry and Church Network reaches more than 50 countries, thousands of Ministers and over 12,000,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus. (Good news of Salvation).
--Our program is a fast track learning course, with over 30 years of Dr. Vargas' experience and teachings; all resumed and articulated in 100 pages.