Dr. Mynor Vargas, Chaplaincy Vision:
Over 25 years ago, Rev. Martinez Mena, a well respected Minister of God (R.I.P.), inspired young Evangelist Mynor Vargas to become a Chaplain for the needed. Mynor at first answered NO!!! -

Rev. Martinez Mena asked Mynor to come with him on several visits to the Rhode Island General Hospital, which was sufficient for this young Evangelist to hear the Divine Calling to do the work of Jesus Christ visiting the most needed. Mothers crying for their dying babies were prayed for and comforted that day. No “credentials” were used on that occasion, only REAL WORK, PASSION AND CARE.

Since then, this servant of God, now a Pastor and Bishop, Dr. Mynor A. Vargas, has continued to journey to hospitals, prisons, orphanages, elderly homes, trash-land-fields, streets, parks, rehabilitation centers, etc., etc. Frequenting the most humbled places, bringing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for the sick.

After many years of doing this honorary (non-financially paid) ministerial service, another “Divine Call” came directly to his heart: “Build Me an Army of Servants”… -The question Dr. Vargas made was: “Where from?” The answer came immediately: “This Army of Servants will come from Anonymity”… -IT WAS TIME TO BRING PEOPLE FROM THE BACK SEATS, UP TO THE FRONT ROW!

 Many in third World countries or in great Nations like the United States of America, that are not able to go to College are willing to serve, and are presently serving; these are the people from the ANONYMITY. -Dr. Vargas claims that while he was driving on route RI-10, in a split second he saw a “God Given Vision” of thousands of men and women coming up front (a multitude), and he asked, “Who are they?”, a voice answered, “They are my army in the ANONYMITY, ready to serve! You will bring them UP-FRONT!!!”

With these beautiful experiences inside of a visionary man like Dr. Vargas, “The International Federation of Christian Chaplains” was founded, with the purpose of helping Pastors, Ministers and Christian Leaders achieve their Call to serve God by ministering to the most needed. These Christian Servants are people that apparently may not qualify because of their lack of College Credit Hours, CEU's, diplomas, etc. However, they are more than qualified because of their "Hands on Training Experience". Our Vision is to help, motivate, equip and provide basic training to those interested. God has demonstrated His approval to this Vision with many testimonies of GREAT WORK and by the hundreds of Affiliated Ministers.

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