Dr. Mynor A. Vargas, Founder and Chancellor

Dr Vargas preaches every Sunday at Shalom Christian Temple when he is not on missionary trips. His travel agenda for the last 30 years has included up to 100,000 miles a year in airplanes transporting him and his missionary teams to many nations. He ministers to different ethnic and social levels. He conducts small and large crusades, as well as leadership seminars around the world. Dr. Vargas has shared the Gospel with Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Ambassadors, Business People, and furthermore with the most humble Latinos in small and large metropolis, also with the indigenous people from different tribes in far away mountains from Central America and jungles in the Amazons of South America and beyond. His International Church Consortium, Chaplain Federation and Media Ministry have facilitated him to network with thousands of Ministers in 5 Continents.
--He started his theological studies at the Eastern Biblical and Ministerial Institute of New England and, continued at Kingsway College where he acquired an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, as well as a Doctorate Degree in Ministry from the Southern California Graduate School of Theology, and finally a Degree in Church Growth from the Evangelical University of the Dominican Republic. He was born into a Christian Family and personally gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 9 during a "Tent Crusade" hosted by North American Preachers Glen and Charlotte. Dr. Vargas lives to preach the Gospel of Good News of Salvation in Jesus.

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