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Chaplain Ministry Products

If you are ready to start immeditely, just go ahead and pay the total amount for the program:
You will receive a welcome letter as a student, also our 100 digital page "General Chaplaincy Course", with simple end-of-chapter question and answer exams to be completed over the Internet. When you successfully complete the course, we will also send you a professional plastic wallet sized crendential called a "Chaplain ID Pass". Many hospitals provide free or special parking spaces when you show this card. Also a beautiful 8.5X11 certificate diploma to be placed in your office or any other wall and a "To Whom it May Concern" Certification Letter signed and stamped with your name and Chaplain number. Finally you will receive from us a Personalized Deluxe Gold Plated Metal Badge:
The "Gold Plated Metal Badge" is similar to the ones that the Police carry; it's the same size, style and material, with the only difference that it says "International Federation of Christian Chaplains" and is customized with your name imprinted (stamped, embossed, castled) on it; also with your very own "Chaplain Number". The high quality of this Badge is insuperable by many, we take pride in it. The Insignia Manufacturer is the same that has made badges for the army and police since 1930. We include a conventional wallet with this purchase. Takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery because of customization. The total price for the program is $310.00.

Chaplain Federation

Become a Chaplain in 3 Months

$310.00 one payment.
$110.00 Three monthly payments.
Same as above but "WITHOUT GOLD PLATED METAL BADGE". Every thing else is included.
$150.00 one payment (No Badge)
Chaplain ID (front)
Chaplain ID (back)
$55.00 three monthly payments (No Badge)